JP Astrophotography

Mission - To share glimpses into the unseen from a unique time and place on Earth to inspire deep thought, human introspection, and perhaps a shift in perspective of the Universe.

Vision - A motivated community of literal and figurative upward gazers who recognize their simultaneous insignificance and importance in the cosmos.

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Coming soon in the summer of 2022 - STAR PARTIES! JP Astrophotography (now Designs in Orbit) will soon be hosting "Star Parties" which is a 150" outdoor screen projecting live deep space views straight from the ultra-sensitive astronomy camera equipment connected to a telescope. This will be held under dark skies at our beautiful property in Green Mountain, NC. We are also offering the option of traveling with our gear to your location and photographing the Milky Way along with a time lapse. Contact us for more information and include your address.